Hurricane Relief, Recovery, Rebuild Efforts

The Head Foundation is a Bahamian organization in USA that leads relief, recovery and rebuild operations during hurricanes. We are raising funds to help those devastated and washed out communities in Abaco, Grand Bahama & other affected areas.

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PO Box 195861 Winter Springs FL 32719


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Our Mission

The Head Foundation seeks to assist with the nation building of The Bahamas and to alleviate human suffering by providing caring and compassionate service to survivors of adversities and survivors of disasters. The Head Foundation strives to build healthy communities, strengthen families and create opportunities for those in despair while maintaining their dignity and advocating for their basic human needs.

The Head Foundation will continue to work alongside foundations such as BAARK, Our Grand Bahama and The Abaco Rebuild Fund, to bring global awareness, relief and rebuild donations for The Bahamas.


We continue to provide immediate hurricane relief for victims:

  • Distribute meals + emergency essentails
  • Provide medical supplies
  • Provide temporary housing

Recovery efforts includes:

  • Mental health counseling
  • Legal documents support
  • Set up temporary portable spaces for businesses and homes



Our partnernships with organizations will assist in :

  • Rebuilding infrastructure such as homes, offices, businesses and schools
  • Implementing community green space
  • Building economy

Drop Off Location

Tropix Express
5610 NW 12th Ave Ste 203
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

Please email info@thehead.org prior to sending any donations

The Head Foundation Bank Transfer Info

Wire Routing/ABA Number: 026009593
Account Number: 898109365007
Account Name: Head Foundation Inc.
Bank Address: Bank of America N.A.,
222 Broadway, New York, NY 10038
Swift Code (International): BOFAUS3N

501C3 Partner: Please contact us directly for more info


Our Goals

  • To assist and empower underprivileged Bahamians through sustainable social service programs
  • To strengthen the family system through education and value based family services
  • To foster effective partnership and coordination with global partners, faith-based organizations, civic and governmental agencies.

How to Help

Hurricane Dorian Relief

The road ahead to restoring and rebuilding our communities after Dorian, both short-term relief and sustainable in these islands, is a great undertaking and we need your support to accomplish. Survivors need food, water and other essential supplies to survive during this time. We need building materials and gas for the planes and boats that are transporting supplies to the islands, in order to help put their lives back together. We cannot do any of this without monetary funds to support our efforts. The money we receive will go directly to purchasing these essential supplies and we will provide our donors with financial statements to account for every dollar donated. Donors will be able to see with all transparency that their money is being used to get our Bahamian communities what they need.

We are asking the public for help towards the following items that can help people immediately for Abaco and Grand Bahama:

Relief Wish List
  • Generators
  • Tarps
  • ChainSaws
  • Portable stoves
  • Butane canisters 
  • Air mattresses 
  • Liquid baby formula
  • Diapers
  • Wet Wipes 
  • Toiletries, including female sanitary products 
  • Mosquito repellent 
  • Water filtration devices
  • Matches 
Rebuild Wish List
  • Plywood
  • Sheetrock
  • Nails & hammers
  • Durock (Cement Board)
  • Electrical sockets & switches
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Electrical wires
  • Bathroom & kitchen accessories
Recovery Wish List
  • Gift cards for refugees
  • Clothing and shoes (adults and children)
  • Underwear & socks (adults and children)
  • Children toys
  • School supplies: composition books, pencils, paper, crayons
  • Infant formula, Pampers, wipes


Common Questions

Fundamental goal
The restoration of the islands of The Bahamas is larger than one organization. Our goal remains the same to provide relief, recovery and assist with the rebuilding of The Bahamas through new global partnerships and global awareness.
Who’s managing the funds donated to HeadKnowles thus far?

The funds donated are being handled by Headknowles Foundation, Nassau N.P. Bahamas. TheHead.Org will continue to raise funding for relief efforts with our global partners.

Where can we donate?

Please see our drop off locations for supply and donations.

For direct donations to The Head Foundation:
Wire Routing/ABA Number: 026009593 Account Number: 898109365007
Account Name: Head Foundation Inc.
Bank Address: Bank of America N.A.,
222 Broadway, New York, NY 10038
Swift Code (International): BOFAUS3N

If you wish to contribute to HeadKnowles Foundation and other local organizations please visit www.together.bealiv.com/

Where will funds donated to TheHead.ORG go?

It will continue to go to our relief, rebuild, and recovery efforts through our partners:

  • Ludacris Foundation
  • BAARK!
  • Our Grand Bahama
  • Abaco – The Rebuild Fund
Are you a 501C3?
At this point, we have a nonprofit attorney working on this and our application is pending.

Once the application goes through, our attorney can apply for retroactive reinstatement. Meaning that any donations made from the beginning will be retroactive tax deductible.

How is TheHead.ORG related to HeadKnowles

The Head Foundation came about based on necessity. It is founded by Lia Head, the former co-founder of HeadKnowles – now known as HeadKnowles Foundation led by Gina Knowles. Lia Head and The Head ORG. is not affiliated with HeadKnowles Foundation.

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